The building in Bradshaw Street was originally built as the Free Church Academy which opened in 1858 and closed as a school in 1882 when the pupils and staff were transferred to Ardrossan Academy and the head teacher became the head teacher at Ardrossan Academy.

The building was then used from 1882 as the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Free Church but we understand it lay empty for a number of years before it was converted into a privately-owned nursery around 1998.

The current owners purchased the nursery in 2021 and have put there own stamp on the nursery by making further changes to the setting. 

  • Security cameras were installed in the perimeter of the nursery to add more safety and security. 
  • New signage was installed around the nursery 
  • The outdoor play area was redone to improve the playing experience for the children 
  • New higher fencing was installed to offer more security and privacy for the children. 
  • New flooring installed in the playrooms.
  • New classroom resources purchased for each of the rooms 
  • More staff recruited to provide even better learning experience for the children. 
  • They continue to find new ways to continually improve the setting. 

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