Toddler Room

In Toddlers our aim is to build on the foundations already laid by the Baby Room and continue to develop their skills and knowledge.

Our emphasis is still on learning through play.   However we begin to encourage the children to participate in more complex
experiences which therefore helps them to extend their skills, while maintaining a fun and happy environment.


Our experiences promote all developmental milestones and we use the national guidelines “pre-birth to three” when planning for the individual child to ensure their needs are met.

To promote a smooth transition from babies to toddlers we invite parents in to meet with the staff in the toddler room prior to transition. We also work to ensure that we are aware of the child’s preferences, needs and interests to ensure a smooth transition between rooms.

The toddler room can hold a maximum of 10 children aged 2 – 3 years old, the ratio is 1:5 with 3 staff in the room

Baby Room

Baby Room

toddler room

Toddlers Room

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3-5 Year Olds